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Rev Provey Powell Jr

Senior Pastor

Wow, can you believe it’s summer already? Time is moving on, and God encourages us to value each day we are afforded. As we number our days and bask in the warm weather, I wanted to share some of my best childhood recollections from summertime. Summer represented a time when our family would pack up and go to the various amusement parks in the Tri-State area. I really looked forward to getting on the rides, playing games, and eating all of the cotton candy I could. Summer also reminded me of family reunions, times when the family would gather together for scrumptious food, laughs, games, and just some good ol’ fun. This time of year also reminds me of a daily visit to Prices Run Pool on the East Side of Wilmington, where we could go swimming for $0.10 in the morning and $0.15 in the afternoon. Oh, I remember the days of summer! I encourage you to enjoy the summer days so you can create wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime. It is my prayer that as you travel and take some much-needed time off for rest and relaxation, you will also take the name of Jesus with you wherever you go. Please be safe during the summer months and check in on the elderly and shut-ins in our family as well.

The 37th chapter of Ezekiel reminds us of a story in which God reveals a vision of a valley of dry bones to the prophet Ezekiel. The bones were fragmented, scattered, separated, and disjointed, and upon closer inspection, Ezekiel noted that the bones were many and very dry. I believe these bones represent the condition of our community, our society, and even, I may say, our country and the chaos that we hear coming out of Washington on a daily basis. The challenges that we face with gun violence in our community, and even the strife that exists in the body of Christ are examples, too. Despite all of these real and imminent challenges, God asked a question: “Can these bones live?” I believe that Ezekiel responded in the manner in which you and I should respond: “Lord, only you know.” We must turn to Almighty God for the strategies and solutions to what we face on a local, national, and global level. Seeking God’s face and requesting His Spirit winds to blow, to revive, resurrect, and revitalize our communities will be the only solution for shalom, or “peace,” in our world today.


Rev Provey Powell Jr
Senior Pastor

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