Join us in our mission to ARISE @ Peninsula McCabe where we Love, Give, Worship and Serve!
Sunday 9AM – Adult Bible Study
Sundays 10AM – Traditional Worship
Sundays 12PM (Noon) – Contemporary
Youth Fuel Sunday every 4 th Sunday worship led by ARISE ACTS 24/7 Youth
Sunday Brunch Worship every 5 th Sunday at Noon
No Ordinary Worship every Wednesday at 7PM

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Rev Tyrran A Smith

Lead Pastor

Join us as we are remain steadfast and obedient to the call and command that God gave us in our mission to Arise @ Peninsula McCabe.

Our 4 foundational pillars

LOVE We believe in loving, first.  Love is the foundation of all things at Arise.  It’s the fuel for our relationships with God and other’s.

WORSHIP We believe you should worship God freely and with a genuine heart.  Our model of worship is unscripted, non-traditional and unique to the individual worshipper.

GIVE We are an unapologetically giving church. We give as an act of faith so that God’s vision and ministry can be met.  We believe in giving of our finances, time, talents, and resources.

SERVE We believe that doing the work of the ministry defines who you are.  It is healthy for our life both spiritually and physically. We strive to mirror God’s example of service and sacrifice to those in our local community, nation and abroad!


  • What is great about our church?
  • What are your visions?
  • What are your gifts and talents?
  • What professional occupation or trade do you possess that can benefit the church?
  • What barriers have kept you from church?
  • How can we help you grow?
  • How have you grown in the church?

Building with Pastors, Lay Leaders, Staff Parish Relations, Trustees, Finance, Membership Secretary and Lay Members.

When you come feel free to the share your answers to the questions above with me.
Your life means something to me!

Rev Tyrran A Smith
Lead Pastor

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